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A painting of a girl looking into the sun with her dress cut out

Collage of the Day

March 2017 - March 2018

"Collage of the Day" started March 27, 2017 with the goal to create, inspire, and return to making art for the sake of making art. Through 365 consecutive days of making collages, I was able to document seemingly unworthy-to-be-remembered moments and explore the definition of collage, using instinct rather than purpose. After a year of this creative process, I was left with something like a slow-moving video, a culmination of the simple, silly, and sad moments of my year including breakups, playing with my siblings, moving abroad, eating strange food, and collaborating with friends near and far. I continue to question and expand the materials I use and get excited about the never-ending ways to use the medium. (Link to all collages).

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