Artist Bio

McGill employs vigorous paper ripping as a central technique in her collages, inspiring her larger paintings and drawings. She approaches painting as she does the scissor lift: with fear and curiosity. The resulting works are changing belief systems associated with her critique of "Purity Culture" and the economics and politics that surround the paternalistic prescription of women’s roles in American society. In relation to this subject, she laces “purity” symbolically into her paintings as negative space, a void of over-painted white that unsettles the image. McGill is now exploring in-depth conversations with her models about ways of thinking outside of the structures prescribed to us. This helps her understand different points of view, while contributing to positive changes is culture.

McGill was a recipient of the the 2021 Professional Development grant from the Great Meadows Foundation which she used to travel to California, studio visit with her favorite artists, and participate in a two week residency at Dorland Mountain Arts Colony.


Hite Art Institute,    University of the Basque Country,   Latin University of Costa Rica                          
Louisville, KY            Bilbao, Spain                                          Heredia, Costa Rica
2014-2018                   Semester abroad, 2017                          Summer Abroad, 2016

 BFA Drawing            Spanish Contemporary Painting        Spanish Language
& Painting              
                                   Spanish Historical Drawing                 Spanish Literature
BA Spanish


Group Exhibitions

2021    Upcoming: First Solo Show at Mellwood Arts Center 12/3/21

            PRHBTN, Lexington Art League, Loudon House, Lexington, KY

            2021 Black & White Show, Kore Gallery, Louisville, KY

            New Grooves Exhibition, New Grooves Gallery, London, England

            48th Annual Showcase, Louisville Artisans Guild, Kore Gallery, Louisville, KY
            Virtual Exhibition Series, New Grooves Gallery, London, England

             The Artemesias, KY Foundation for Women, Virtual Exhibition

2020     Barriers, Lexington Arts Connect, Online Exhibition

              Festival of Lights, Jack O lantern Spectacular in Iroquois Park, Louisville, Kentucky
             Women of Influence, Kentucky Artisan Center, Berea, KY

              Herself, Lexington Art League, Lexington, KY

              Change Now, PeaceState with Black Lives Matter, Louisville, KY
             Art Makes Home, Kentucky Refugee Ministries, Louisville, KY

2019      PRHBTN, Loudoun House, Lexington, KY
             15th Annual Mazin Art Exhibit, Jewish Community Center, Louisville, KY

              Festival of Lights, Jack O lantern Spectacular in Iroquois Park, Louisville, Kentucky
             Kent Mansion Gallery Exhibit, Light in the Darkness: A Study of Hope and Healing, Indianapolis, IN

2018      Festival of Lights, Jack O lantern Spectacular in Iroquois Park, Louisville, KY
             BFA Thesis Exhibition, Hite Art Institute, Louisville, KY
             Red Alert Series Installation Collaboration, w/ Ying Kit Chan and Jordyn Oswald, Science Week in Germany & Switzerland

2017       Art Exhibition #11 at Bellas Artes en Garabia ZAWP, University of the Basque Country's Collective Visual, Bilbao, Spain

Grants & Residencies

2021      Visual Artist in Residence, Dorland Mountain Arts Colony, Temecula, CA

              Collider Artist in Residence, Louisville Free Public Library, Louisville, KY

              Artist Professional Development Grant, Great Meadows Foundation, Louisville, KY

              Hopscotch House, Kentucky Foundation for Women, Louisville, KY

2020     Artist Enrichment Grant, Kentucky Foundation for Women, Louisville, KY
              Hopscotch House, Kentucky Women's Foundation, Prospect, KY


2021      Muhammad Ali PBS Documentary Mural, Fund for the Arts, Louisville, KY

              Churchill Downs Mural for Downs After Dark, commissioned by Revelry Gallery, Louisville, KY
              Assistant to Liz Richter on “Cinema” mural on Shelbyville Road, Louisville, KY

2020      Family Portrait, Drawing commissioned by private owner, Louisville, KY

              When Women Come Together, Mural commissioned by Kale & Flax Jefferson Community & Technical College, Louisville, KY

               Italy Inspired, Mixed Media Painting, Louisville, KY

               Arthritis in a Crisis, Mixed Media Drawing, Louisville, KY

2019      Kansas Sky, Colored Pencil Drawing, Liberia, Costa Rica
              Last Look, Acrylic painting, Liberia, Costa Rica