Pure to Pieces


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In 2020 I noticed a trend in conversations I was having with friends and artists about sexual abuse and sexual identity and found that many of them attributed the obsession, repression, and shame of these things to the Christian culture they grew up in. I was already making art having to do with these topics and decided to start up a podcast to record these conversations, have experts on, and make art with each podcast participant. Pure to Pieces is a two-part project including a podcast and art exhibition thanks to the Kentucky Foundation for Women. In the podcast, I (Morgan McGill) talk with guests about their perspectives of sexuality within religion. Each participant contributes art to the project that will be exhibited at Mellwood Art Center through December 30, 2021. These conversations take place in order to heal, connect, and transform our mindsets about our underlying beliefs. I hope this work informs the larger public that there are many people who have been hurt and abused by religion (particularly when it comes to sexuality) and show the healing place of art in people’s lives.

If you like the sound of this and would like to participate in a conversation on or off the record OR if you would like to create art to be part of the exhibition, contact me