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"Collage of the Day"

We all need something that makes us happy and drives us to keep on keeping on. That is what collages are for me. The smell of mod podge, the sensation of ripping up paper, the product at the end. I realized about 233 days ago that I wasn't making art I loved anymore; I was making it out of necessity, to complete assignments. Embarking on Collage of the Day has taught me to look at my art differently and to make art I love instead of what I'm supposed to make. People tend to think "Art" is a certain something when, if not approached with the "right" technique or the keenest of eyes is not "good" enough. One of my hopes for Collage of the Day is that it dismantles that belief, showing no "right" way in approaching creativity. That a person can make art out of pancakes, popcorn, shadows, dried paint, sand, and garbanzo beans is pretty cool. Collage of the Day has inspired me to keep making art and I hope inspires others as well, if not to make art, to do exactly what they love.

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